A little pop of color…

20120703-220039.jpg Tonight’s dinner ….A quick breakdown as I’m (not very efficiently) watching a movie..

Sweet potato – high amounts of beta carotene (antioxidants, good for your eyes), vitamin C, fiber

Salmon (grilled) with peach and mango salsa- lots of omega 3s!

Quinoa – contains all amino acids, fiber – I make a big batch at the beginning of the week with a little olive oil, beans and veggies and spice it up different ways.

Lime – little nuggets of vitamin C and some zest!


6 thoughts on “A little pop of color…

    • Thanks for your kind reply! I’ll put it in that format post bbq later. 🙂 Love your blog btw! Did you go for nutrition in undergrad or grad? I wish I’d figured this all out sooner and hadn’t taken psych years back! So many science courses to catch up with now!

  1. I love sweet potatoes — especially baked. I wish I could convince my husband to try more than just sweet potato fries.

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