I just made a worm bin!

I know.. this is KINDA unrelated…

But I have terrible, unloved city dirt (filled with glass…) and am trying to grow my own veggies. 

So in an effort to enrich my soil – and subsequently the carrots and beets I just planted and next years goodies – and then my own nutrition, I just made a DIY worm bin.

If you’re interested check how to here!


5 thoughts on “I just made a worm bin!

    • I just bought a pound of them – probaby a lot of responsibility! but if you ever don’t think you can handle them you can always put them in the soil? I’m waiting for mine to arrive (Bought them on ebay) but the few I’d scooped up are loving it in there.

  1. I have really considered doing this. I plan to move next summer – so maybe when I have my “permanant” home, this will be an excellent project for my daughter and I. As an avid gardener, I am a firm believer that composting is the only responsible way to garden!

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