Winter Squash, Five Ways –


All is good here for us at our place in Brooklyn. The neighborhood is covered in downed trees, but we did not lose power. We are on day three of being shut in with closed schools and offices and no transportation. Hoping everyone out there who has been effected by Sandy recovers soon!

Here’s some yummy things to try (especially once our greenmarket travels back on down to us…)Winter Squash, Five Ways -

Winter Squash, Five Ways –


4 thoughts on “Winter Squash, Five Ways –

      • He lives in Brooklyn and is at his home, but still is having difficulty getting around – as is most everyone in NYC it seems. However, he was fortunate compared to others. I have other family in the NY area who are still without power and are trying to manage in their home with the cold weather.

      • We have also been locked in for 9 days now. The subway I need for school just finally reopened with limited service this morning at 6 am. I’m impressed with how quickly they got them back up but I’m a bit nervous to take them after they’ve been flooded. The idea of the switches being corroded and being stuck down there gives me the heebie jeebies. (but I guess it’s better than walking…) It looks like as of today most of the trains from Brooklyn to Manhattan are back up.

        My family in NJ is still without power too. This happened to us last year when we lived outside of Philly for a bit – 4 days with no power during that huge snow storm. We bought sleeping bags and huddled around in them. Hope power is restored (and your family safe and cozy) soon!

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