Toxins Primer

Please check out my good friend’s blog. Two wonderful mama’s living here in Brooklyn put together a holistic skincare line (as well as other new products like natural home cleaners). I just tried “Sow your wild oats” for the first time. My old harsh proactive tasted like poison if it got into your mouth. This was refreshing, exfoliating and smelled amazing.

I know this  particular post isn’t about nutrition but…. just as I don’t like my veggies with toxins, I don’t like the stuff I slather and absorb into my skin to have them either! 😉

Hope you enjoy their informative posts!

Brooklyn Herborium


Here’s a little bit to give you pause in the drugstore aisle next time you run out of soap.

Mercury: has the ability to damage brain function at low levels. it’s hard to believe it’s still used in cosmetics. But it is. It’s commonly used in mascara, listed as the mercury preservative “thimerosal.” If you get a little bit of mascara in your eyes or face when it clumps or as you wash it off, you may also be getting a little dose of mercury. Watch out for mercury in eye drops, too. What cosmetic products contain significant levels of mercury?

Lead: Lead harms the developing brain of a child. The government demanded its removal from gasoline and house paint — but not hair dye. This pernicious neurotoxin is in Grecian Formula 16 and other black hair dyes for men. What cosmetic products contain significant amounts of lead?

Hydroquinone: FDA…

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