Toxins Primer

Please check out my good friend’s blog. Two wonderful mama’s living here in Brooklyn put together a holistic skincare line (as well as other new products like natural home cleaners). I just tried “Sow your wild oats” for the first time. My old harsh proactive tasted like poison if it got into your mouth. This was refreshing, exfoliating and smelled amazing.

I know this  particular post isn’t about nutrition but…. just as I don’t like my veggies with toxins, I don’t like the stuff I slather and absorb into my skin to have them either! 😉

Hope you enjoy their informative posts!

Brooklyn Herborium

Our Supportive Skincare Products & Herbal Goods Are Truly Good 

  • We choose herbs which support the skin in doing what it naturally needs to do in order to just be beautiful and healthy.  It’s amazing how much healthier the skin looks when you are not trying to fight against it!
  • All of the products in our Functional Skin Care Line and all of those used in our facial services are free from any type of artificial chemicals or preservatives.
  • Our products and methods were fine-tuned over years of helping clients on a monthly basis during our services and tweaking each formulation to get to where it is now.  We know how each ingredient affects the skin in REAL Life–not just by reading studies.  The science is there–but but wisdom involves knowing how to utilize the science!

How This Makes Us Different

Another herbal or natural product may look similar, but…

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